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GreenGo consulting is a benefit company that offers consultancy in the field of accompaniment to environmental sustainability, institutional relations, digital strategy and internationalization in the name of sustainability.
The project was born from the meeting between professionals who have held high-profile positions in companies and public institutions: our experiences have taught us that to guarantee the achievement of a goal, a long-term strategic vision, knowledge of the interlocutors and the ability to find the best technical skills on the market.
Each of our team combines the presence of senior figures with that of younger professionals to ensure the union between experience and innovation. We have also chosen to collaborate with a network of Behavioral Sciences experts: this discipline, still little used in our country, guarantees a quantitative and qualitative predictive approach useful for optimizing results in every field.
The four divisions in which our services are structured are united by a common denominator: taking up the challenge of sustainability by making it an added value for oneself and for the world in which we live. Being sustainable means becoming more interesting on the market, it means communicating one’s values, it means building a better future.
GreenGo is a benefit company, in our corporate purpose we have as a guiding star the promotion of the culture of environmental, economic and social sustainability in all our actions. Sustainability guides us in accompanying our customers, in creating moments of reflection that we make available to the community and above all in our way of conducting the company.

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