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With the advent of social networks, communication has become increasingly integrated but at the same time increasingly specialized. Each tool, each communication channel has its own languages ​​and rules. Creating an effective communication strategy means first of all working on self-knowledge and then defining objectives and means to be used. The corporate communication that we propose is oriented to an authoritative and institutional positioning, the institutional communication that we guarantee wants to be dynamic and capable of intercepting, without ever being subordinate, the moods and feelings of the daily agenda. Finally, our leitmotif also in communication remains sustainability: sustainability in telling about oneself means thinking of oneself sustainable, it means transmitting the desire to build a future in every action.

Digital Strategy & behavioral consumer design

Blogging development & copy writing

Press office and media relationship

Accompaniment to the theme of sustainability in corporate and institutional communication

Social Media, online campaign, online reputation, graphic design

Training and public speaking

About us
GreenGo consulting is a benefit company that offers consultancy in the field of accompaniment to environmental sustainability, institutional relations, digital strategy and internationalization in the name of sustainability.
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