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Institutional relations

Institutions, of all levels and degrees, are fundamental interlocutors. Those who think they are acting without taking into account the context in which they operate are at a disadvantage. To manage institutional relationships, however, skills, sensitivity and professionalism are required, characteristics on which GreenGo is building its credibility by making available to professional clients who have carried out assignments at all levels. To create good relationships, first of all you need to know the interlocutors and the mechanisms on which an organization is based, then a strategy built with great precision, and finally great constancy. The advice that GreenGo is able to offer is complete, it combines traditional and innovative tools, starting from the principle that the actions taken always and in any case go in the direction of an alliance for the sustainable growth of the communities in which we operate.

  • Composition and implementation of the communication strategy aimed at institutions.

  • Analysis of the media ecosystem and relations with the mass media.

  • Support for the request for hearings, preparation of meetings and hearings.

  • Composition and implementation of the strategy of institutional relations.

  • Conflict management, creation and consolidation of goodwill.

  • Design and implementation of positioning events.

  • Position papers, studies, analyzes and researches.

About us
GreenGo consulting is a benefit company that offers consultancy in the field of accompaniment to environmental sustainability, institutional relations, digital strategy and internationalization in the name of sustainability.
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