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The objective of the sustainable internationalization process is to implement a model in company practice that makes the strategic objectives of development abroad of multinational companies complementary on the one hand, with the objectives of social and environmental responsibility on the other. Doing business without forgetting the endogenous variables of the company and respecting the international environment in which this process takes place is rightand dutiful. Sustainable internationalization aims to combine business interests and needs (investors) with the need for greater well-being and growth of the local community (recipients), according to a win to win strategy. This aspect creates an added value to the company whose customers or partners are increasingly attentive, as well as demanding, on the values ​​and principles that accompany the production process of the final goods and services they purchase.

Preliminary check of the endogenous corporate, equity and financial variables and their consistency with the internationalization objectives.

Assistance in the preparation of business plan and cash flow.

Support for governmental or non-governmental initiatives for sustainable internationalization, cultural awareness on the subject through sponsorships, presentations of history cases and reports.

Shared preparation of the internationalization strategy according to the environmental, social and economic guidelines.

The supply chain: B2B and B2C internationally.

Create long-term value by investing in activities that are useful to society and compatible with the environmental system.

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